Did you know that Zimpost offers low-cost Money Transfer services- Zipcash?

A L W A Y S   T H E R E  -  F O R   Y O U!


Zipcash is a money transfer service at low rates. Within Zimbabwe,Zipcash money transfer services allows customers to send or receive money throughout country. With the network of more than 240 PostOffices nationwide (even in the most remote areas). Zipcash has increased the ease of money transfer, enabling transferring of university fees, cash for a cross section of people such as students, cross boarder traders, SMEs and drivers at affordable rates. Customers can send money for fees, bus fare and pocket money to their children at boarding schools, to their parents in rural areas or to relatives at affordable rates.


Internationally, Zipcash allows customers to send and receive money internationally through the postal network worldwide. Currently, customers can send or receive funds from Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya, through the postal network.



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