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Track and trace your money transferred through our postal network using ZIPCASH here.

Track and Trace your parcels here

Track your lost and found items maintained in our database which include tagged keys and drivers licence's. Take note of reference number.

Track and Trace your parcels here

Resources available here for download are free and members of the public can use the data without further consent from Zimpost.

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Postal Outlook Guidelines and check list

Track and Trace your parcels here

More on Zipfound

Zipfound is a service offered by Zimpost through which people can recover their lost and found driver’s licenses, valuable documents or tagged keys. Zimpost offers storage, enquiry, and retrieval services for lost items. Lost items are submitted to any of the over 220 postal outlets nationwide. Zimpost will computerize the data and wait for the owner to claim. Customers are encouraged to check for their lost items on the Zimpost website. Customers are strongly advised to get a tag for their car keys or any other important keys, from Zimpost.

When the customer loses his or her tagged keys there is a high chance of the keys being taken to Zimpost if they get picked up, which translates to a very high probability of the owner recovering them through our Zipfound Service.

Postage Rates and Fees

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Central Vehicle Registration (CVR) Fees

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