Zimpost Business

D E L I V E R I N G   P O S S I B I L I T I E S

Products and Services

Insurance Services

  • Post Insurance Motor (third party and comprehensive covers)
  • PostLife Funeral Cash Plan
  • FML Health Medical Aid
  • Multiple Insurance Agency Licence (agent of various insurance companies)
  • Bureau de change
  • Electronic Money Transfer Services

    For incoming and outgoing remittances
  • Zipcash Domestic
  • Zipcash International to and from RSA, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania
  • International Money Transfer Services

    Payment of incoming remittances as a partner to:
  • World Remit
  • Money Gram
  • Hello Paisa
  • Small World
  • Xpress Money
  • Mukuru.com
  • Mobile Money Services

    Cash-in and cash-out services for:
  • Ecocash
  • Telecash
  • OneMoney
  • Agency Banking Services

    Deposits, withdrawals, new accounts opening for:
  • POSB
  • CABS
  • Steward Bank
  • BancEASY Loan Applications for civil servants
  • Pension Payments

    We pay out pensioners for:
  • NSSA
  • First Mutual Life
  • Zimpost offers these services on behalf of the following government departments and enterprises:

    • Vehicle Licensing on behalf of ZINARA
    • Vehicle Registrations on behalf of CVR
    • Prepaid Electricity on behalf of ZESA
    • Pension Disbursement on behalf of NSSA
    • Bill Collection on behalf of DDF
    • Sales of High Way Code on behalf of Traffic Safety Council

    Post Pack

    A prepaid pack that addresses the customers' items packaging and security within the small packet category.
    Delivery is door to door for corporates and overnight to all major towns and all routes along major towns.This is a low- cost budget service.

    Personalised stamps

    Personalised postage stamps enable customers to enjoy a personal touch on postage stamps using favourite images of choice transformed to stamps.
    International customers visiting Zimbabwe can have personalised postage stamps to take back home with them.
    Local customers can have personalised stamps of special events such as Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Harare Agricultural Show and any other family events.
    Corporates can have personalised stamps of their own logos as part of marketing campaigns.


    It is the activity of collecting and studying of postage stamps, postmarks and related items. Collection of stamps is informative, educative, and profitable and can create career opportunities and relationships with other collectors worldwide

    Business Reply Services

    A promotional activity where companies enclose return self-addressed envelopes into their clients' mail to facilitate feedback.

    Postage Paid in Cash (PPIC)

    Suitable for bulk mailers who post at least 100 letters per batch. No stamps are fixed but the customer gets a receipt for the postage.


    A customer can send and receive a parcel to and from destinations within Zimbabwe or internationally.
    There is collection and delivery facility for corporates and customers can track and trace their international parcels via the Zimpost website.

    Private letter box and bags

    This enables customers to receive mail through boxes rented from post offices of their choice.
    It is the ultimate solution to people who change residential addresses as this private box address can be maintained as long as the renter desires.

    Registered Mail Services

    Registration of mail allows for easy tracking and security as it calls for mandatory hand to hand delivery. Documents of value like title deeds, Wills, Identity cards, birth certificates, etc., can utilize this service for safe and secure delivery.

    Mail Room Management Services

    A facility specifically designed to cater for the mailing needs of corporate clients. Zimpost will process printed statements/ documents at either post office premises or client's premises. It is a cost effective service as third parties are eliminated from the process.

    Letters - Domestic and International

    Any written or printed form of communication addressed to a person or organization in sealed or open envelope. Letters can be sent through the post to domestic and international destinations.

    Franking machine

    When customers pre-purchase franking units equivalent to the postage charges, they can use the units as and when required and at their convenience. The process is automated and units are remotely set providing vital audit trail.


    Zimpost has coaches with trailers to carry mail, parcels and passengers. The Postbus service is reliable and affordable in that - a proper timetable and routing schedule is used and Zimpost is a brand well known for its pricing fairness and consistency.

    Direct Mail

    Zimpost is able to deliver unaddressed and addressed promotional materials, which can be in the form of fliers, brochures, pamphlets etc. Direct mail is targeted, measurable and competitive and Zimpost offers countrywide coverage through its vast network of post offices; private boxes and bags rented at post offices and Communication Information Centres.

    Recorded Delivery

    A service designed for customers who want a reply that the recipient has received his/her postal item. This service is designed to offer customer convenience and confidence in the transmission of posted mail sent to local destinations.


    Zimpostmall.post is an online platform where anyone can buy or sell goods as buyers and e-sellers interact.

    Virtual Post Office

    Virtual Post Office is an online portal that allows the customer to tour the post office through the internet and make online transactions.

    Post Offices sell various items such as:

  • Postal stationery - envelopes and stamps
  • Scholastic and business stationery
  • Airtime for all networks
  • Zipfound
  • Safe Custody
  • Through communication ICT centres services are available for;

  • Internet Surfing
  • WIFI hotspots
  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Gaming services