Zimpost Business

D E L I V E R I N G   P O S S I B I L I T I E S

Products and Services

Motor Vehicle Insurance Services

  • Post Insurance (for Third Party and Comprehensive Motor Insurance Covers)
  • Multiple Insurance Agent Licence (agent for Sanctuary, Hamilton, Econet, FBC, Cell, NicozDiamond)
  • Funeral Assurance Cover

    An affordable and reliable Funeral Cash Plan for the whole family
  • PostLife Funeral Cash Plan (available at all Post Offices)
  • Medical Cover

    A low cost and flexible Medical Aid cover
  • First Mutual Health (Micromed product at Post Offices across the country)
  • Foreign Exchange Services

    Buy or Sell foreign currency
  • PostBureau De Change (branches at selected Post Offices across the country)
  • Electronic Money Transfer Services

    Send or receive money locally or internationally through your nearest Post Office:
  • ZipCash Domestic - Local Money Transfer Service
  • ZipCash International - Money Transfer Service (covering Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania)
  • International Money Transfer Services

    For payment of incoming remittances on behalf of International Money Transfer Organizations namely:
  • Small World
  • Xpress Money
  • World Remit
  • Money Gram
  • Mobile Money Services

    Cash-in and Cash-out services on behalf of:
  • EcoCash
  • Telecash
  • OneMoney
  • Agency Banking Services

    Deposits and withdrawals for
  • POSB
  • CABS
  • Steward Bank
  • Consumer Loans

  • BankEasy Loans - loan application facility for Civil Servants available at Post Offices countrywide
  • Pension Payments

    On behalf of
  • NSSA
  • FML
  • Zimpost offers these services on behalf of the following government departments and enterprises:

    • Vehicle Licensing on behalf of ZINARA
    • Vehicle Registrations on behalf of CVR
    • Sale of Prepaid Electricity Tokens-on behalf of ZESA
    • Sale of Highway Codes-on behalf of Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe
    • Bill Collection on behalf of DDF

    Post Pack Packaging

    A prepaid, highly secure and lowly-priced plastic packaging which is suitable for conveying company documents and other small items.
    A door-to-door delivery service is available in all major towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

    Personalised stamps

    Customers can enjoy a unique personal touch by transforming selected images from special events such as weddings, parties, ZITF, Zimbabwe Agricultural Show amongst others into postage stamps.
    Companies can put their logos on stamps for use in their marketing campaigns while visitors to Zimbabwe can have personalized stamps as souvenirs.


    Philately refers to the collection of postage stamps as a worth-while hobby.
    Stamps not only have an aesthetic value but they have also proven to be highly educative and informative on topical issues cutting across a variety of fields of learning;
    stamp production is accompanied by information handbooks, pamphlets, fliers, magazines and catalogues.
    Stamps bear an investment component for national and international Stamp Collectors who can sell their collections for a profit.
    Stamp collection can also create career opportunities and promote forging of relationships amongst Stamp Collectors worldwide.

    Business Reply Service (BRS)

    Through a licence issued by Zimpost, companies are able to encourage responses by enclosing self-addressed envelopes in their clients' mail. The service can be used in marketing related surveys and in any other instances where feedback is required.
    The respondents do not pay any postage charges for the service, they are paid by the licencee.

    Postage Paid in Cash (PPIC)

    This service is designed for bulk mailers who post at least 100 mail pieces at a time. No postage stamps are affixed to the letters which would be a cumbersome process,
    but the sender will simply get a receipt for the postage paid. The letters will be franked and dispatched for delivery immediately.

    Parcel Service

    The service caters for packaged items weighing not more than 30kg each. Customers can send or receive parcels to and from destinations locally and internationally.
    Zimpost can also deliver grocery items purchased online (e-commerce). Collection and door-to-door delivery facilities are available within Zimbabwe.
    International parcels can also be tracked and traced on the Zimpost Website by customers in the comfort of their offices or homes.

    Private letter boxes and bags

    Our clients can rent Private Letter Boxes and Private Bags at Post Offices of their choice. This is the ultimate solution for people who do not have permanent residential or office addresses and those who need access to their mail 24 hours,
    7 days per week. Key attributes are affordability, security, privacy and flexibility.

    Registered Mail Service

    This service is suitable for sending valuable items and important documents. Examples include cash, certificates, identity cards, wills, title deeds and many other things requiring secure and safe delivery.
    Registered items are allocated unique identifiers for ease of tracking and tracing on the Zimpost Website.

    Mailroom Management Services

    This is a facility specifically designed to cater for the mailing needs of companies and institutions who churn out huge volumes of utility bills, statements and any other mail matter.
    Zimpost will collect or accept, separate, staple, sort, frank, dispatch and deliver the mail in accordance with the specific needs of the clients. The service is highly secure, cost effective and time-bound.


    A letter is a hand-written or printed form of communication which is enclosed in a sealed or unsealed envelope and addressed to an individual or organization.
    Letters are sent through the post for delivery within or outside Zimbabwe.

    Franking machines

    With the assistance of Zimpost, clients can acquire franking machines which they will use to print "postage paid" impressions on their mail. They will need to pre-purchase franking units in accordance with their postage requirements.
    The units can then be used and reloaded as and when it becomes necessary, without the need to purchase and affix physical postage stamps.


    Zimpost has buses that transport passengers as well as mail to various destinations within the country. The buses can also be hired for funerals, church conferences and school trips amongst other needs.
    The company provides a highly affordable, fast, efficient and reliable transport service.

    Direct Mail Service

    Zimpost is able to deliver unaddressed or addressed promotional materials such as fliers, brochures, pamphlets etc. throughout the country, at highly competitive charges.
    Globally Direct Mail has been acknowledged as a highly effective promotional and research medium. Zimpost will help clients to reach out to their target market as well as measure the success of their promotional campaigns.

    Recorded Delivery Service

    A service designed for clients who need confirmation of receipt of items sent through the post for delivery within the country. The sender will be supplied with proof of delivery.

  • Zimpostmall.post - an interactive online platform for sellers and buyers of a wide variety of goods
  • Virtual Post Office - a portal that allows customers to tour the Post Office and make online transactions
  • Stationery items are available at all Post Offices countrywide:

  • Postal stationery - envelopes and stamps
  • Scholastic and Business stationery
  • Airtime for all networks (Econet, NetOne, Telecel)
  • Zipfound - lost and found service available at selected Post Offices
  • Safe Custody - safe keeping of important documents at selected Post Offices
  • Communication Information Centres (CICs) have been established at Post Offices to offer the following:

  • Training facilities-equipped with computers
  • Internet Surfing
  • WIFI hotspots
  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Gaming services