Quality Of Service

D E L I V E R I N G   P O S S I B I L I T I E S

Delivery Standards

REGION AND COUNTRY Estimated delivery time (working days)
Europe including Great Britain 6 – 12
South Africa and SADC Countries 5-10
United States of America (USA) 6-14
Australia 6-14
Germany 6-14

Delivery times apply to major cities only. Delivery to areas outside of major cities may incur additional days
Parcels, Small packets, registered and ordinary mail are subjected to customs inspection and clearance. Items subjected to customs inspection and /or clearance may incur an additional 24 - 72 hour

Description Time period
Posted for Delivery within same Urban Delivery Area and Posted by 5:00 pm J +1( 90% )
Posted for Delivery in other Urban Areas J+1
Posted in Urban Areas for Delivery in Rural Areas J+2
J Day of Posting
J + 1 Delivery within 2 Days
J + 2 Delivery within 3 Days

Letters, Postcards, and Earogrammes

To be cleared from the International Offices of Exchange within 48 hours of receipt (Harare Central Sorting Office and Bulawayo Main)

Description Time
Bags on application (Rural and Urban) 1 week
Boxes (subject to availability)-URBAN AREAS 2 days
Boxes (subject to availability)-RURAL AREAS 2 days
Replacement of Private Box where Key is lost -URBAN AREAS 3 days
Replacement of Private Box where Key is lost -RURAL AREAS 5 days

Letters, Postcards, and printerd matter (Newspapers, Library Books)

Waiting Time e.g. to buy a stamp 10 minutes
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