Zimpost brings more convenience through E- Commerce

A L W A Y S   T H E R E  -  F O R   Y O U!


With the growing e-commerce market, Zimpost has positioned itself to offer online services by developing the Mail order into an e-commerce platform branded the Zimpost Online Mall which is hosted on the online platform and sitting on the address, www.zimbabwemall.com. The platform also enables businesses, other E-shops and MSMEs to showcase their wares to the world with Zimpost guaranteeing a seamless last mile delivery service.


The Zimpost E- Commerce services include: Parcel delivery- National, regional or international delivery services or web stores, emails and market delivery. E- Commerce payment- Zimpost also provides electronic or physical payment services for e-shops. Escrow services- Zimpost also acts as trusted third party for payment and delivery of goods on the internet E- market (online shop) - Zimpost also acts as intermediary for e-commerce transactions through agency arrangement. Logistic provider- Zimpost manages all part of the seller’s logistic chain, for example the warehouse, inventory, order processing, fulfilment and delivery and after sales.


Zimpost remains the centre of activity in every locality in urban and rural Zimbabwe, offering universal access to wide range of products and services. Zimpost operates more than 240 postal outlets national wide, giving it an unparalleled reach.



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